Private Clients and Family Tax Planning

We assist international individual clients with pre-immigration or expatriation tax advice, international trust and estate tax planning, asset protection and investment planning, international tax compliance and reporting services

Individuals moving across borders, making investments and owning assets in foreign countries, working for foreign companies on temporary assignments or a long term basis, face challenging legal and tax issues. We assist them with strategic international legal and tax services in areas such as pre-immigration and expatriation tax planning, asset legal protection, international estate and trust succession planning, international tax reporting and compliance.

Areas of Practice

Pre-Expatriation and Immigration Tax Advice

Moving to a foreign country often entails leaving one tax jurisdiction and entering into another, completely different tax system and requires careful planning.

International Employment Legal and Tax Planning

International workers are assigned to foreign affiliates under different legal and employment schemes, which may vary from a temporary, short term transfer limited to a specific project or task…

International Trusts, Estates, Successions and Inheritances

Clients with domestic wills or trusts governing assets located in foreign jurisdictions need specific advice on the legal validity, effectiveness and enforcement of their family…

International Tax Reporting, Filing and Compliance

United States citizens and resident taxpayers with foreign financial assets and accounts, interests in foreign entities or gifts from foreign estates or trusts are subject to strict reporting rule requiring…