Firm’s Profile

How Do We Differentiate Ourselves and Provide Value To Our Clients?
Cutting Edge Technology Platform, International Experience, Exclusive Focus on International Matters

Marco Q. Rossi & Associati is an innovative, international boutique law firm designed to provide clients with effective management of critical international legal projects and strategic tax planning and advice on cross border transactions. We are adept at managing complex global legal programs spanning many operational areas and requiring effective international legal and tax strategies and executing them tactically.


Our Key Values


We maintain a specific focus on international taxation and business law and global legal projects. We focus on international legal and tax planning and advice for clients engaged in international activities or facing cross border legal issues and problems, with particular emphasis on cross border mergers and acquisitions. U.S.-Italy cross border taxation is one of our niche practices. Thanks to our international head office in New York and our constant contacts with the U.S. legal and tax academia and professional community, we have the opportunity to stay at the forefront in the field and can keep our clients current with the latest developments in the areas of international taxation and business law.

Organization and Team

With headquarters in New York and Los Angeles and EU offices in Italy (Genoa and Milan), we combine local knowledge with international profile. We can meet with our international clients in New York minimizing traveling costs and inconveniences and we work on an extended office-hour basis reducing time differential problems. We can co-ordinate our work on multi-practice and multi-jurisdiction projects through a network of legal and tax practitioners around the globe and provide client-tailored and sophisticated services through a flexible, progressive and cost-effective organization.

Quality Control and Increasing-Productivity Processes

We employ a built-in quality-control system to constantly evaluate and improve our performance and conduct evaluation sessions periodically or after major projects are completed, in order to identify specific areas upon which we can improve our performance. We also use a knowledge-management system that takes advantage of all the intellectual capital developed by the firm and share the benefits of such system with clients.

Technology Platform

We have purposefully designed a cutting edge professional service platform serving both our international tax practice and our global business practice. We deploy a flat operational structure in order to avoid burdening our clientele with unnecessary overhead costs and elaborate office space through the deployment of powerful, secure digital and web based platforms and applications which tie our lawyers based in different locales tightly together. This structure translates into our clientele first-class, value-added  international legal and tax services.


We believe that a thorough understanding of our client’s business is essential to provide good legal services. The more we know about our client the more valuable we can be to the relationship. This is true in general and especially in the area of international taxation, where the tax ramifications of a transaction are wide and go far beyond the limited scope and contingent time of the deal viewed in isolation, and we must look beyond its short-term effects and understand its wider and longer-term impact on the client’s business. For this purpose, we maintain at our expense a specific knowledge in the client’s industry, make sure that we understand the client’s corporate or business structure and organization and the style of its legal staff, ask questions (not only about the immediate legal issues that bring the client to us, but about the client’s business in general) and listen to the answers. We also make it a point to understand exactly what the client expects from us to avoid over-servicing and more properly address its actual needs.


Like listening, communicating is fundamental to ensure that a relationship is productive. We make ourselves available all the time, we return calls and reply to e-mails promptly and are there when needed. We try to anticipate problems based upon our knowledge of the client and its legal staff, let in-house lawyers know when they should be alert to any particular issue and make communicating with them as painless as possible. We meet with international clients at our head office in New York whenever required on a regular basis without time constraints or additional costs.


We make sure we understand clients’ needs in the billing area and our bills deliver the information required in a useful form. We know that corporate clients need budgets, predictability, and prompt rendering of bills. Therefore, we take care that we issue bills that are accurate, on time and based on budgets previously discussed with clients, and we can use task codes, electronic bills and electronic payments to remove any inconvenience and annoyance factor generated by incoherent bills received long after the reserves for matters have been closed.


We take personal responsibility of any client’s matter and handle it individually so that we can provide highly flexible, personalized, efficient and client-tailored services. If associated lawyers are brought in on a matter, they meet with clients to make sure a good rapport can be developed. If support lawyers are working on a matter, we make sure they stay through the duration and no replacement is made without discussion and prior approval from the client. In case of replacement, the new support lawyer is properly brought up to date with the matter, at no cost for the client for any learning curve factor or preparatory study of the case.


We are flexible in our fee arrangements with our clients. Our approach is flexibility and clarity up front. Whether the basis for billing is an hourly fee rate, flat fee, scaled fee or some other method, we agree with clients upon the fee method as well as on costs at the outset of any retention. Certain services like reviewing files, training, secretarial service and preparing budgets and bills are deemed to be included in the normal rate and are never charged separately. We agree on fixed fees for specific projects or flat fees for certain services to make budgeting for our clients easier and to avoid the hassling of monthly billing.